Plus Model Mag Gets People Talking

The article ‘Plus Size Bodies, What Is Wrong With Them Anyway?’ published just over 10 days ago and has caused quite the stir amongst journalists, the fashion industry and many people who seemingly just have a passing interest. The article, if you haven’t read it, gives information on the differences in size between modern-day models and the average woman, a controversial BMI fact regarding many modern runway models and many other fascinating statistics (complete with a stunning photoshoot exclusively featuring plus size models) that have been compiled to create an extremely informative, and somewhat controversial, article.

Plus Model Mag has reported that over 300,000 people have read the article, there have been over 7,000 Facebook likes and over 1,000 Twitter shares in only three days with a wider reaction reaction in the media too, in a follow up piece on how the press have reacted to an apparently controversial article.

Now there’s no secret to our stance on plus size, whether they are models or simply your everyday girl walking down the street. We know that big is beautiful and if anything this article is more representative of everyday society than the extra thin models that are regularly seen on catwalks and on magazine covers. In fact, it should come as no surprise that Plus Model mag has published something of this nature. Their target audience is the plus size woman and it can’t be so controversial in this day in age that a plus size magazine has published some thought provoking statistics aimed at their readership. It’s doubtful that the stats come as too much of a surprise to many yet the reaction in the press and across the web suggests otherwise. Maybe it’s the tasteful nude images that accompany the article which have caused the uproar. We happen to think it’s a combination of both the article and images, a useful and informative piece, that some can’t seem to resist giving their views on.

At the end of the day, this shouldn’t come as any surprise and is a welcome piece of publicity for seemingly contentious subject matter. And we feel it’s only right to get behind the magazine as well as the article and show our support for plus size women.

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